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Big Trouble in Little China


Roger Davidson

Big Trouble in Little China
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An extremely funny tribute to the chop-socky ninja epics and Jackie Chan comedies, from one of the masters of horror John Carpenter. Kurt Russell is a trucker, who finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in the deadly Chinatown mystique, where a friend's fiancee has been kidnapped. After that, he gets himself into serious trouble!

Full of good humor, and Russell helps the fun along with his imitation of John Wayne. The support is never really great in films like this, except perhaps Victor Wong as a eccentric Chinese wizard. Wong offers just as much amusement and witticism as Russell. The action, though overdone at times, offers some of the best moments in the movie, as do the outstanding special effects. The only major problem , during certain scenes, is the filmakers penchant for taking the voodoo of the story a little too seriously. But, other than that, everything's just fine.

My Rating = Three Stars

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