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Big Bully


Roger Davidson

Big Bully
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Rick Moranis stars as a total geek (a role that he can play in his sleep by now), returning to his boyhood home to teach at the local elementary school. He runs into his old childhood bully (Tom Arnold), who blames Moranis for the mess his in his life. He does this, because of a long ago incident in which Moranis ratted on Arnold for stealing a moonrock. He ended up in a boys home, which was full of much worse kids than Arnold ever dreamed of being. So, Arnold spends most of the movie exacting his revenge and making Moranis' life miserable.

If this sounds like a plot for a horror film, it may surprise you that it's supposed to be a comedy! That's hard to tell, considering all the meanness and viscousness that goes into the actions of the characters. Especially during the almost unwatchable last half hour! Arnold does have some of his charisma, but I'm starting to wonder why anybody would think of him as a box-office sensation. The utter pits!!

My Rating = One Star

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