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The Bicycle Thief


Roger Davidson

The Bicycle Thief
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Vittorio De Sica, one of the great post-war Italian neo-realists, turns a relatively simple story into an epic motion picture. It deals with a workingman (Lamberto Maggiorani), who goes on a search throughout Rome to find his stolen bicycle. This bicycle means everything to him, since it's the only way he can earn a living and help feed his family. Joining him on his seemingly hopeless quest is Maggiorani's young son (Enzo Staiola), a lad who gets his father out of bad jams, due to his father's desperate bicycle search.

It still amazes me, even after seeing the movie over and over, how it holds your interest to the bitter end. Even though the story doesn't sound like much when first described, it continues to surprise you with good acting, a great script, fine black-and-white photography and one hell of a directing job by De Sica. It seems that he poured his heart and soul into this project. His outpouring shows through and greatly enhances the script. My kudos to a great filmaker and to a stunning masterpiece, that will remain near the top of my movies to watch again list for years to come.

My Rating = Four Stars

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