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A Better Tomorrow


Roger Davidson

A Better Tomorrow
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John Woo's breakthrough film in Hong Kong (and one of the country's highest grossing films), this exciting tale takes a look at two brothers, one an ex-gangster (Ti Lung) and the other a cop (Leslie Cheung), who still blames Lung for the death of their father. Cheung is pursuing one of Lung's old cohorts, who is now a major Mafia boss. Lung is induced by his old friend (Chow Yun Fat) to participate in taking revenge upon their old cohort. Fat has realized he is being used as a footstool by this old accomplice, when at one time Fat believed he was a friend. Things get a little more interesting as time goes along.

Although this isn't as good as some of his later efforts, mainly because it's marred by some mediocre melodramatics, it's still full of Woo's outstanding action scenes and his usual messages about honor, loyalty and friendship. John Woo may be the successor to Sam Peckinpah, like many have said. I think I agree, after seeing his incredible body of work.

My Rating = Three Stars

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