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Belle De Jour


Roger Davidson

Belle De Jour
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One of Luis Bunuel's sexiest comedies, Catherine Denueve portrays the title character, a rather plain ordinary woman, who works the day shift as a prostitute in a popular Paris brothel. She does this, unbeknownst to her ever gullible husband. Her extra-marital job provides her a way to live out her most wild and passionate fantasies, while becoming involved in disturbing incidents that will change her life forever.

Probably Bunuel's most outstanding work, it has dry black humor, Bunuel's usual attacks on upper class lifestyle and a brilliantly seductive performance by Denueve. This appeared in theaters recently, but I believe you can find it on video. It is rather tough to find film. If you do find it, don't miss the opportunity to see it!

My Rating = Four Stars

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