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Roger Davidson

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Arguably the best of Disney's early animated films (but who wants to argue about that), this precursor to The Lion King follows the life of a young deer and how he learns to grow in a rapidly changing forest. He gains his knowledge from his kind mother, a wise old owl and his lovable comrades, Flower and Thumper, who round out a perfect trio.

An exquisite film, that is very moving in its morals about life, death and changes you make while growing up. With plenty of endearing characters and plenty of memorable moments, the kids will get a special kick out of this, because of the way the young animals in this film tend to act more like young human children, rather than baby rabbits, deers and skunks. My favorite part: The scene of a rainstorm that is a perfect use of color by the Disney animators. I don't think you should miss this.

My Rating = Four Stars

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