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Back to the Future Part III


Roger Davidson

Back to the Future Part III
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Recently watching the entire Back to the Future series in one sitting, I noticed that each film seemed to be entirely different pictures. That's not to say that the connections weren't there, nor that one was better or worse than another. It's the plot. The plot of each one takes entirely different courses than expected. Take the storyline for this...

When we last left Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), he was stuck in 1955, trying to convince the shocked '55 version of old buddy Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) that he has to be sent back to the future again. But then Fox discovers a note from the 1985 version of Lloyd (who was zapped into the past by a lightning bolt in the last film), written in that year of 1985. He also learns that '85 Lloyd will be killed by old nemesis Biff's ancestor, Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson, still the comic foil for Fox and Lloyd). So Fox and '55 Lloyd find the buried DeLorean time machine, and Fox uses it to go back and save friend Lloyd from death in the Wild West.

Again, it still has great effects and a great climax involving an 19th-century locomotive, as well as a welcome comic performance by Mary Steenburgen as Lloyd's Western sweetheart. Yet, the film is made in an entirely different mood than the first two films. It becomes a loving homage to old western films. It's even peppered with various old Western film actors, including hilarious turns by Harry Carey Jr., Dub Taylor and Pat Buttram as a trio of old-timey Western coots. The film does still retain the one element that really made the series good: Heart! Lloyd and Fox's performances together are wonderful, as they continue to bring the friendship between Doc Brown and Marty to new lengths. The series always had that special element, which will always make this a truly renowned classic series for years to come.

My Rating = Four Stars

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