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Baby's Day Out


Roger Davidson

Baby's Day Out
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Are Home Alone clones really needed so much, that annoying features like this have to keep coming out every seven months? Producer John Hughes attempts to return to the formula that made him rich, with this dull comedy about a baby's day in the city. The little tyke is being chased by three bumbling kidnappers, led by Joe Mantegna as the short-tempered head. Like Macauley Culkin, the baby leads the three dupes into a series of dumb pratfalls, which barely make you crack a smile.

The kid's adorable, but enough with the stupid pratfalls Hughes! Mantegna and crew are badly wasted and there are one too many nuts-getting-smashed sight gags for comfort. The punishment for producers, writers and directors who make films like this should be that they experience the exact same pratfalls that their idiotic characters have to go through. Either that or lock them in a room and force them to watch this for the next three months. That would be a most severe punishment.

My Rating = One Star

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