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Roger Davidson

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A charming family film from down under, Babe is the story of a talking pig, that becomes, through many harrowing adventures, the hero of a small farm and the sheep-pig for the kind-hearted Farmer Hoggett (James Cromwell). Babe is a very touching fable which deals subtly with the prejudices of the everyday world. What is most amazing is that, like Watership Down, you actually care for the animals in the film and you think of them as human actors, rather than animal actors. Cromwell is quite good, even though he plays second fiddle to the pig. His heartfelt performance as Hoggett is certainly worthy of some kind of award, if not from the Academy. Everything about this film, including the incredible special effects and wonderful story, make this truly the feel good movie of the year, and possibly the decade.

My Rating = Four Stars

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