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Assault on Precinct 13


Roger Davidson

Assault on Precinct 13
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Lately, I noticed that the recent summer season (1996) was chock full of explosion-special effects-filled action fare. However, none of them reached the excitement or suspense of such classics as Die Hard, Star Wars, about two dozen John Ford westerns and this remarkable low-budget wonder. It has echoes of Night of the Living Dead, as a nearly deserted police station is brought under siege by a massive street gang. The small group of people trapped inside fight for their lives with every last resource at hand.

A real nail-biter, and an amazing action film, that is full of enough suspense and excitement for three movies. One of John Carpenter's earliest hits among the independent circuit, this is by far and away his best, next to Halloween. It has everything that most (but not all) mainstream films lack these days: Unpredictability!.

My Rating = Four Stars

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