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Roger Davidson

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I'm glad to hear that Sylvester Stallone is thinking of quitting action films and going for something more meatier (like the first Rocky, which is still his best film work by far). After huge hits from the likes of Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Seagal and Willis that have trampled Stallone's work and left him in the dust, this movie doesn't seem to help him much. Sly and Antonio Banderas play two hit-men, who become rivals after Banderas interferes with a hit that Stallone was attempting to pull off. The rivalry heats up, when Stallone rescues Banderas' next intended victim, a computer expert (Julianne Moore). Things keep getting stickier and stickier as the two are constantly interfering with each other's plans.

I'll admit, it has good action scenes, but most of it is nothing you haven't seen before and some of it is downright dull. Stallone is more restrained than usual and Banderas is good as the hot-headed killer, but Moore (like many women in action films) is given nothing to do. The film's most exciting scenes happen in the last 20 minutes, so if you feel you should hang in there, be my guest. For those who don't have patience, I suggest you bail out early.

My Rating = Two Stars

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