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Army of Darkness


Roger Davidson

Army of Darkness
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But don't see this sequel. Bruce Campbell returns as the reluctant hero Ash, who is sent back in time to the middle ages. The only way he can get back home is by way of a magical book. First however, he must do combat with the evil dead once again. He eventually retrieves the book, but because he didn't say the right phrase to get the book (which happens to be one of film's greatest lines, "klaatu barada nikto"), he summons the army of the dead. Campbell does battle with the army, as well as with an evil version of himself.

Despite big-budget special effects, this is a total washout. It relies mostly on gross sight gags and bad one-liners. Evil Dead II seems to be the only good one of the series. The first one suffered from a low budget. This one suffers from a very high budget. Though by now you must be thinking I don't like Sam Raimi at all, I really don't like the stories he chooses. He's actually pretty good at camera angles and he has a dark sense of humor, but these qualities do not a good film make. Army of Darkness proves that point.

My Rating = One Star

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