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Roger Davidson

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If you can't relate to those so-called "youth" films of the past few years, then catch a look at this sleeper hit. It involves the title kid (Charlie Talbert), who feels he's one of the most unpopular (and unfortunate) kids in his school. He's good at science and an excellent football player, but that doesn't stop him from being humiliated by the school football heroes. Then one day, Talbert is set up by his enemies to go out with the girl he has the biggest crush on (Jurassic Park's Ariana Richards). Will Talbert be humiliated? Or will he triumph over his foes, with a little help from his best friend, Troy (Chris Owen)?

The extremely talented Talbert, leads an outstanding cast, which includes Kathy Bates and George C. Scott as Talbert's mom and grandfather. Talbert and Owen make a splendid team, giving both funny and realistic performances. The basic message of this film? As Talbert says, "There is no normal". The message is a good one, as this film shows that whether you're fat, skinny, tall, short, black, white, female, male, etc., you don't have to be what everyone tells you is their idea of "normal". If I have to name the only flaws, then it's about the sermons at the end. I think the film could have been really great, if it hadn't resorted to the cheesy cliches at the end. Other than that, you should definitely not pass this fine film up.

My Rating = Three Stars

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