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The Amityville Horror


Roger Davidson

Amityville Horror, The
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Supposedly based on a true story, it tells of a family that moved into a small, quaint little home, which turns out to be haunted. The film follows one month of hell for the family, as the toilet starts spewing up black bile, the youngest daughter starts talking to an invisible playmate, the dog starts barking at stuff that isn't there and the father (James Brolin) sinks into black moods, followed by outbursts of violence.

Short on suspense, long on stupidity. The acting by Brolin is okay, but the other actors ham it up, playing scared little rabbits, who run around in a blind panic. Rod Steiger, as the priest, who is called in to help the family, is the biggest ham of them all. It appears he's ripping off Max Von Sydow's role in The Exorcist. I can't say that it's an awful film. It has a great opening scene and the middle is fine, but the climax is disappointing. Though it was a box-office hit at the time of it's release, I fail to see why.

My Rating = Two Stars

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