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The American President


Roger Davidson

American President, The
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One of the underrated films of 1995, this is a charming tale of what happens when the President (Michael Douglas) wishes to go on a date with lobbyist Annette Benning. In the mean time, most of the president's aides, friends and opponents are going hog wild about this presidential dating game, fearing or hoping that it will cause a major scandal for Douglas. To make things more complicated, it looks like both Benning and Douglas are truly falling in love.

Another Capra-esque yarn, this is a little more humorous than most films that attempt to go for the Capra formula. Douglas and Benning have perfect chemistry together, Martin Sheen has some good moments as the chief of staff, and Michael J. Fox is, for the first time since Back to the Future, quite impressive. The message of the media's invasion of privacy is laid on a little thick, and it does get gooey from time to time, but all and all it's a very pleasant romantic film. In other words, a nice date movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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