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Allegro Non Troppo


Roger Davidson

Allegro Non Troppo
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Italian animator Bruno Barretto's tribute to Fantasia, this treat for the eyes offers amazing animated vignettes set to classical music (by such composers as Dvorak, Debussy and Stravinsky). The only thing is that mars the animated action is the incredibly stupid live-action sequences, involving a nebbish animator, a brutish conductor and an egotistical director (played by Barretto himself).

The best sequences from the animated segments includes: A strange evolution that takes place on an Alien planet after some astronauts leave a coke bottle behind; What happens when the snake in the Garden of Eden tastes the apple and receives his own medicine; A cat roaming through a desolate war-torn city; And, a female bee attempting to set dinner for her husband, when a young couple come to her garden spot and constantly mess up her plans by making love all over the place. These are all stunning sequences, brilliantly animated. The underlying theme of the film seems to be the destruction of the old peaceful ways of life, by modern day technology. Not such an uninteresting theme when you think about it. Now if only they could have left out those damned live-action sequences with their no-talent actors.

My Rating = Three Stars

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