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Roger Davidson

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This is one of Allen's lesser works. An unimaginative fantasy, about a shy, spoiled wife (Mia Farrow) of a rich bore (William Hurt). She feels she needs to do something more important with her life, like trying to find her true self. She is also thinking about doing the unthinkable-having an affair with someone other than her husband (OH NO!! NOT THAT!!).

The usual Allenisms that Woody puts into his story fall completely flat. Most of the time, the story is extremely predictable and Farrow just isn't any good in the title role. If anything could save this, it's Keye Luke, in one of his last performances, as a self-styled witch doctor. His role is extremely whimsical. It's a rather nice fare-well too. Still, I'd have to say pass this one up.

My Rating = Two Stars

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