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Roger Davidson

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If you want laughs-out-loud every minute, then look no further. The famed Zucker Bros. achieved fame with this send-up of all the airplane disaster flicks of the 70's. The story is incredibly funny, as all the things that could possibly go wrong on an airplane do. Julie Hagarty and Robert Hays lead a large ensemble cast as a flight attendant and her ex-boyfriend, who is also an ex-pilot. When the entire cockpit crew is poisoned, Hays is forced to take over the controls, leading to some hilarious scenes.

This is one of the ultimate dumb-but-funny comedies. One of the funniest scenes in the film is the spoof of Saturday Night Fever, in which Hays defies the laws of gravity to impress Hagarty. Also, actors like Lloyd Bridges and Leslie Nielsen (who would later appear in the Zuckers' Naked Gun series) and sports figure, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar display some previously hidden comic talents. This used to be my favorite comedy, but it was dethroned awhile back. Still, it's at least No. 2 on my favorite comedy list.

My Rating = Four Stars

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