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After Hours


Roger Davidson

After Hours
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An extremely edgy comedy, about what happens to an average working Joe (Griffin Dunne) as he goes through a compleat night of hell in New York, while attempting to make it back home. He meets plenty of bizarre characters during this odyssey, including a mad ice cream vender (Catharine O'Hara), a disgruntled waitress (Teri Garr) and a couple of inept burglars (Cheech & Chong).

Martin Scorsese directed this very funny black comedy, turning a situation that most people wouldn't find funny into something hilarious. Dunne is perfect in the lead role, and he's helped by a great supporting cast. But after awhile, it becomes just a little too dark and bleak to endure. But that's not until near the very end. So I don't think you'll be too disappointed.

My Rating = Three Stars

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