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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


Roger Davidson

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
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The film that made Jim Carrey a star, It follows the only pet detective in Miami, as he searches for the Miami Dolphins' mascot, Snowflake, who's been kidnapped. He is joined by the dolphin's trainer (Friends Courteney Cox) and a police officer (Tone-Loc) in his crazy hunt for the dolphin. Extremely funny, but only for Carrey's non-stop mugging. He works well with animals and has some very hysterical moments. The supporting characters are pretty forgettable, such as Cox, who seems to blend in and out of the picture, and Sean Young, a usually talented actor, who is fed nothing but stupid lines and slapstick action. See it only for Carrey's performance and see his later films. He's improved much more since Ace.

My Rating = Two Stars

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