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Tomb Raider


Mandy Heiser

Tomb Raider
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Angelina Jolie portrays Lara Croft, of the famed Tomb Raider franchise. It's Lara's first adventure on the big screen, and people were packed in to see their favorite fictional female struting her stuff in the flesh.

Ah yes, one of my favorite game series has finally made it's way to the silver screen, so of course, I was awaiting it with great anticipation. I was not in the least disappointed by Tomb Raider, because, well, I didn't have very high expectations. Movies based on games have never really ended up being very good (see Mortal Kombat), but I was surprised it pulled through so well. Well yes, the writing was bad, but it wasn't supposed to be! It was supposed to be about showing off Lara kicking people's butts. Which is what she did, yes thin plot, sappy moments, and stupid love-interest, but hey, that wasn't the point! Good action, and Lara Croft in the flesh! Although I did find it kind of hard to believe Angelina Jolie was our favorite virtual icon.

The film is worth seeing, in fact, I'd probably see it again, but be advised: it's not a GOOD movie, it's a fun little action thing. Fans of the game (like myself) may be a little annoyed that they didn't stay a little truer to the game (i.e. - that old butler that I have so much fun locking in the refridgerator isn't very old! And not to mention Lara didn't wear her trademark outfit...).

I do hope they make a sequel, as I think they can improve upon this, seeing as how this was a good first effort.

My Rating = Two Stars

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