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Small Time Crooks


Mandy Heiser

Small Time Crooks
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Woody Allen leads an incredible cast in this unfortunately disappointing comedy. Tracy Ullman, John Lovitz, and Hugh Grant all act wonderfully, as does the wonderful Woody Allen, but it just wasn't enough to save this movie from itself.

The plot was rather funny, small-time criminal Ray (Woody Allen) and his partners come up with an idea to re-open a local pizza joint and dig a tunnel down the street into the bank. His wife Frenchie (Ullman) can't cook pizza, but makes incredible cookies, so that's what they decide to sell. While their plan goes awry and they end up in the dress shop, for some reason the cookies are selling like crazy. Their store was an overnight success.

The film was very well made, as you can expect from good old Allen. The sets and costumes were nice, the colors were crisp, the acting was terrific, but after a while the film starts to lag and gets pretty boring. Lack of memorable dialouge and any kind of physical comedy makes this the Woody movie to skip.

My Rating = Two Stars

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