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Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2


Mandy Heiser

Book of Shadows:  Blair Witch 2
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The hit 1999 film The Blair Witch Project, inspires a young man to open up a tour called "The Blair Witch Hunt", which takes patrons to various locations through Burkitsville, that hold some meaning to The Blair Witch.

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 was NOT a horror movie, despite it's claims. There wasn't a *single* moment of fear or surprise. Instead, it was a movie about a bunch of stereotype characters getting mad at everyone for stereotyping them. And in the end, *everyone* had a nervous breakdown. Now although we were meant to feel sympathy for these characters, they still got it in the end...the ones that didn't die were arrested. I mean, I felt sorry for the poor looney-bin guy, and now he's back where he started!

My next complaint is that they were only in the actual woods for not even 30 minutes. And the movie had very little to do with the witch herself. It's rather like 2001: A Space Odyssey VS. 2010: The Year We Make Contact, one was an interesting, innovative experience and the sequel was more of a "movie". (Although I really like 2010, don't get me wrong!). It's just that, the first one, despite it's faults, was revolutionary, nothing had been made quite like it. It was....real, for the first time in the history of cinema, it seemed real (yes, I'm talking about the shaky camera motions). Now, the story and the characters are completely made up, but shooting it like a documentary, with it's amateur cinematography, made it extremely realistic. In this one, we're back to Hollywood-like crappy sequels, like the 10 zillion Halloween sequels. And why did they have to have the "dueling forces" thing? I mean, come on! Another tour showed up and did the whole "you'd better watch your back" routine, and left - found dead later...it would have been a lot cooler and less-Hollywood to just have complete strangers found dead. To me, it seemed this movie was an attempt to fit as much nudity as they possibly could into a teen horror film. I mean, honestly now, wasn't *all* of the nudity rather senseless? What was the purpose of that, anyhow?

Despite this movies *many* faults, I still give it two stars, after all, although it was bad it wasn't unbearable. It held my attention for two hours, so it wasn't all bad. Still, it was better than Scream 2...

My Rating = Two Stars

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