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Mandy Heiser

The Score
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Edward Norton, Robert DeNiro and Marlon Brando in ONE movie. Just think about it for a minute...do you even really care about the plot? I have to admit that one of the reasons I saw this was for the cast. I wasn't disappointed at all, the acting was brilliant by all of them. Marlon Brando was terrific and funny, Edward Norton was clever-as-ever and showed off his acting skills by pretending to be a mentally-challenged janitor in a handful of scenes, and Robert DeNiro was perfect for the old crook who wanted to do just one last job.

Robert DeNiro plays Nick, a full-time crook who decides to retire and marry his long-distance girlfriend and run his Montreal Jazz Club. Then Max (Marlon Brando) his old friend and boss says that Nick can retire IF he does one last job with a partner, a man named Jack (Edward Norton). Jack is a newcomer to "the business" and is the exact opposite of Nick, aggressive and willing to take risks.

Max hires them to steal a priceless French scepter that was supposed to be smuggled into the country. It was discovered and is now being held under massive surveillance in the Montreal Customs House, but Jack has been working for weeks at the Customs House under the name "Brian", pretending to be a mentally-challenged janitor (his acting is incredible, and it's hilarious!), so with his help the job should be simple...

This movie was simply put: AWESOME. It was brilliantly realized by the actors and the director, and the action was superb. Predictable ending but incredible action...never a dull moment. This is definitely *the* summer movie to see.

My Rating = Three Stars

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