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Moulin Rouge


Mandy Heiser

Moulin Rouge
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Come to Club Moulin Rouge, an experience you'll never forget. In 1899 Paris, the Moulin Rouge is the hottest spot in town, filled with young girls and paying men, dancing, excitment, it's the place to be. But something is about to happen - A writer from England happens to cross the paths of some play writes, and joins them. In the Moulin Rouge, he falls for the star courtesan, whom a duke is madly infatuated with. But as it turns out - Satine (the courtesan) falls for the writer, Christian. Full of laughs, love, music and color - this is a movie you won't forget.

WOW! That's ALL I can say. I went into the theater on opening night with VERY high expectations - halfway through the movie - they were exceeded. I've never seen ANYTHING like it! It's like Cabaret on acid! Hell, there was a singing moon! The lone complaint I had was that the lip-synch was a bit off (yes, it was really them singing...and they both had WONDERFUL voices, but in musicals they usually record the singing seperately), but I could care less. Who says that 20th century music and 1900's dancing don't mix? Great acting, cinematography, songs, and Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor make a very convincing couple! It was spectacular, spectacular! Lots of great slapstick humor, AWSOME songs, it was not only a great movie, but an enchanting experience. It's been three days since I saw this movie and I can't believe how much I'm still thinking about it! I can't wait to go see it in the theaters again, many, many times. All in all, a wonderful tale told through song, dance, and drama. A great tale about a club where the men pay in cash instead of gifts, a duke coveting his "prize", and above all things - love.

My Rating = Four Stars

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