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Full Metal Jacket


Mandy Heiser

Full Metal Jacket
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Kubrick truly wins again with his dark and disturbing depiction of war in Full Metal Jacket. You can't put the power of this movie into words... it left me with a sick feeling in my stomach. Now that is true power, when a movie touches you so deeply that it makes you feel physically ill.

The film follows Private Joker (played flawlessly by Matthew Modine) through the Vietnam war. From when he begun his training to when he became a cold, hard marine. Although the film follows a few characters, each one of them slowly sinking into madness...

There are many anti-Vietnam movies Apocalypse Now, there was Platoon and even Good Morning Vietnam but this isn't your average anti-Vietnam protest film, instead of just simply stating "The war is bad" we look at it from a different perspective, instead of the whole war and the effects of it on our two countries...we look at how it changed the minds of the soldiers.

The marines start to develop inhuman characteristics, and in the end it seems none of the survivors escaped with their sanity. It's refreshing to see a film that focuses on what war does to man's mind rather than what happened to the countries... Instead of focusing on all the lost lives, we concentrate more on how it twists and turns the subconscious of the marines.

All in all, this film is powerful. Brilliantly done, the actors were superb, the script was wonderful...but nothing can compare to the film's ending. The screen goes dark and we hear a slightly speedier version of the Rolling Stones "Paint it Black." Everything adds up to a flawless film. You really couldn't ask for more. The anti-war message is strong, but in a much darker tone.

My Rating = Four Stars

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