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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


Mandy Heiser

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
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Guy Ritchie's first film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a marvelous movie about four friends in the crime underworld of east London. Cardshark Eddy (Nick Moran) and his buddies Bacon (Jason Statham), Soap (Dexter Fletcher) and Tom (Jason Flemyng) decide to seat Eddy at a high-standards card table with an underworld boss called "Hatchet" Harry. So when Eddy looses half a million pounds, Harry gives Eddy a week to come up with the money. So the four plan a caper that will enable them to pay off Harry and collect a generous amount of cash. Full of surprises, twists and laughs, this is a film you won't forget.

I've heard people complain that this movie isn't funny because only the English will get the jokes...these are the people who consider "Dude Where's My Car?" a quality film. Now I know many non-anglophiles (unlike myself) who adore this movie. It combines fast-paced action with side-splitting comedy and the result is a simply awesome film. Although there is a lot of violence, it is surprisingly done very tastefully, the most violent shoot-out in the movie isn't even shown. All in all, it brews down to this: Action, comedy and crime, resulting in a hilarious, face-paced melee...what more could you ask for?

My Rating = Four Stars

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