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A Knight's Tale


Mandy Heiser

A Knight's Tale
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Set in medieval Europe, A Knight's Tale is a story about a young peasant squire who takes up the identity of of his master when the knight dies. So young William Thatcher (Heath Ledger) jousts in his place, and soon decides to continue jousting, tournament after tournament to gain fame and fortune. However, his reasons soon change when he meets the sultry Jocelyn (Shannyn Sossamon) and soon falls in love with her. Although the evil Count Adhemar (played beautifully by Rufus Sewell) jousts for her as well. Although the plot seems rather mundane; it is pulled of perfectly by Ledger's charisma, an astounding cast, a lot of surprising laughs, good music (both the songs & the underscore) and lots of jousting-action, this movie was truly revolutionary.

I saw this movie way before it came out, via a free "sneak preview", and was amazed. I was totally surprised. It was sort of, half campy humor and half medieval epic. You have your same old tired plot (guy wants to become knight but can't because he's a peasant and falls in love, etc...) but adding up everything together, it pulled it off with flying colors. This movie has a wonderful feel to it, and a great cast......the reason it didn't get four stars? Simply because the plot was so wretchedly routine.

My Rating = Three Stars

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