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Guys and Dolls


Mandy Heiser

Guys and Dolls
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Guys and Dolls follows the story of four lovable characters in 1930's New York. Frank Sinatra plays Nathan Detroit, the operator of a floating crap-game, who's been engaged to the same girl for fourteen years. Vivian Blaine plays Adelaide, Nathan's fiancée. After fourteen years, Adelaide is ready to settle down, but Nathan thinks differently. While the cops are turning up the heat, it's turning harder for Nathan to find a place to operate his crap-game. And the only way he can get a spot is by paying $1,000 for one night. So he bets a successful gangster, Sky Masterson, played by Marlon Brando, $1,000 that he can't take a certain doll with him to Havana the next day. Masterson accepts, and Nathan selects a stubborn Save-a-Soul Missionary named Sarah, played by Jean Simmons (No, not THAT Jean Simmons!).

Musicals DON'T get better than this. *EVERY* song is fantastic, and the film provides good acting and a lot of laughs. Marlon Brando is perfect for the part - even though his voice isn't up to par with Sinatra. This film is wonderful and remains my favorite musical of all-time. Vivian Blaine is remarkable as the restless Adelaide, and you couldn't get any better since she was the one who played her in the original Broadway musical. All in all, this is regarded by many as being "the only musical worth watching", and it remains a favorite of those who otherwise loathe musicals.

My Rating = Four Stars

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