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The Graduate


Mandy Heiser

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Benjamin Braddock is a little confused about his life..... Benjamin has just graduated college, and is home for the summer, until he starts Graduate School the following term. At a celebration for his graduation, Benjamin comes across his father's best friend's wife, Mrs. Robinson, a family friend whose known Benjamin for nearly all his life. Mrs. Robinson asks Ben to drive her home, and he reluctantly grants her request. A series of events follow, and in the end, it appears Mrs. Robinson is trying to seduce our naive hero. So the story goes - and for months Ben and Mrs. Robinson meet at the Taft Hotel..... But things become more complicated when Ben falls in love with her daughter, Elaine.

When this came out in 1967, it was a huge hit, nominated for Best Picture (it lost to In the Heat of the Night), but it did manage to sneak by with Best Director). This classic still stands strong today, as it has an amazing ability to speak to young people. Benjamin is meant to be the embodiment of every teen and young adult, (which means his character is slightly exaggerated) he is naive, confused, and lost. He spends a great deal of time tumbling around life (and the movie), trying to figure out where he's at, and basically what's going on. So you can see how teens can relate to Ben, he feels all the confusion we sometimes feel.

The Graduate is hands down one of the greatest films ever made. It's off-the-wall, loads of fun, and packed with laughs. The acting by Dustin Hoffman is perfect, I couldn't imagine *anyone* (not even Al Pacino!) playing Ben. Katherine Ross and Anne Bancroft were also quite good. But perhaps the most memorable thing is the end, which has been spoofed many times, from The Simpsons to Wayne's World 2. So if you haven't seen it already (and if you haven't by now, you probably don't deserve to!), see it, while your still young!!!!

My Rating = Four Stars

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