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Final Fantasy


Mandy Heiser

Final Fantasy
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Another one of my favorite video game series comes to the big screen. I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie...as most game-to-movie films have been disasters, but then again it IS Final Fantasy and I have trust in Squaresoft, with every game they outdo themselves yet again, and I was trusting the movie would carry on the great tradition of Final Fantasy and blow everything else away. And third...the most important factor: IT HAS DONALD SUTHERLAND. So it can't be ALL bad.

Well as far as plots go, Final Fantasy's had about your average sci-fi storyline...nothing really original but it could be worse. Next, we go to the stars, this is the major flaw in this film. You would think they would know better than to use big-name stars, otherwise we loose touch with the Final Fantasy elements and start thinking of this as another flashy Hollywood production. Donald Sutherland, Steve Buscemi, Alec Baldwin, James Woods and Ming Na...you couldn't possibly look at their characters without picturing the actors (or in the case of Ming Na, Mulan from the Disney film) in their place.

We have a long way to go before we have photo-like human CG characters, but these looked FANTASTIC. You don't even have to see the movie, you can tell by the trailer that there has been nothing like this done before. They put a great deal of detail into a lot of things, the hair (although the keep showing off the hair and it gets rather annoying), the clothes, pretty much everything. Note the "pretty much" in that sentence. What they forgot to do was a couple of important things: First off, the characters throats didn't move at all when they spoke, Second, while their lips and mouths moved with what they were saying, I think more effort could have been put into it.

Well what you have here is the best game-to-movie film to date, they could have done better, they could have done worse, it all depends on how you look at it. Predictable "plot twists", average story, wonderful (albeit recognizable) actors and powerful animation. It all adds up to an enjoyable movie, well-worth the price of the ticket.

My Rating = Three Stars

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