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Drop Dead Gorgeous


Mandy Heiser

Drop Dead Gorgeous
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This comedy stars Kristen Dunst as a high-school girl in a small Minnesota town. Her goal is to win this year's annual beauty pagent. It follows her around as all of the sudden, contestants start dying mysteriously. Falling lights, trailer fires, explosions, etc. The police seem pretty relaxed about it....

Well what can you expect from Kristen Dunst? It's not exactly as if she has the best acting record... Aside from her mundane performance, this film actually did have some funny moments. Overall the film was pretty stupid, but there was an occasional laugh or two.

The movie was pretty mediocre, so-so performances, corny dialouge and not-so-brilliant directing. Despite all these flaws, it still managed to be somewhat entertaining...albiet extremely stupid.

The film takes on the same "mockumentary" style as such films as: Waiting For Guffman, This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show, and The Rutles: All You Need is Cash. It's a very interesting style of film, and I would enjoy seeing more movies made in this fashion.

Not a complete waste of time, yet not exactly worth paying for. A couple of laughs, but mostly pretty stupid.

My Rating = Two Stars

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