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Donnie Brasco


Mandy Heiser

Donnie Brasco
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Donnie Brasco is the true story of an F.B.I. agent who joins the Mob for a project called "Donnie Brasco", which is the alias he uses for the project. Johnny Depp plays the F.B.I. agent who meets Lefty, played beautifully by Al Pacino. Lefty is an aging "Wiseguy" who is depressed as he watches everyone around him going up the chain in the Mafia, except for him. Lefty takes Donnie in and shows him the ropes. Soon, it seems that Donnie cares more about the Mob than the job he was sent there to do...

This is a terrific film. It ranks with other Mob films like The Godfather Trilogy and The Goodfellas. The acting is superb, and the chemistry between Pacino & Depp is wonderfully believable. A must see for Pacino fans.

My Rating = Four Stars

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