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Dog Day Afternoon


Mandy Heiser

Dog Day Afternoon
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Dog Day afternoon is the true story of a New York man, Sonny (Al Pacino), who robs a bank with his partner Sal to fund his male wife's sex change operation. Although something goes wrong, and the police arrive asking for the hostages. What results is a media circus, where his personal life and the idiocy of the police is revealed to the whole city.

I cannot put into words how brilliant this film is. One of the greatest films of all-time, everything about this movie is top-notch. Al Pacino is wonderfully convincing, and his partner Sal is played perfectly John Cazale. Interestingly, the movie has no musical score whatsoever, which is absolutely fitting. Not much on action, for those of you MTV-pampered children, a lot of rich dialogue. This is Al Pacino's best role to date, and it's a mandatory film for any Pacino fan. This film is truly the embodiment of perfection.

My Rating = Four Stars

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