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Chasing Amy


Mandy Heiser

Chasing Amy
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Chasing Amy is not your typical romantic comedy (I mean, it's Kevin Smith!). The movie centers around Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck), a comic book artist who lives with his long-time friend and business partner, Banky Edwards (Jason Lee). The film opens in a comic book convention where the two are signing autographs.

At the convention, Holden meets Alyssa Jones, another comic book author. Alyssa, Holden, Banky and their friend Hooper go to a club that night...where Holden finds himself attracted to Alyssa. She's sweet, pretty, clever, funny...but he soon finds out the one thing he never even considered...she's gay.

Well it was a very well-made film, a lot of the movie was kinda sick. Kevin Smith may be witty, but he also seems to be quite perverted.

SPOILERS! The refreshing thing about this film was how it seems to... again, lifelike. Not like your typical Hollywood fairytale. For instance, when Banky comes into his apartment to find Holden and Alyssa in bed together, his reaction is pure shock...he drops his drink, stares for a moment and quickly exits. It's not this long drawn-out ordeal, like in most pictures.

Now.....as for the ending. I've heard a lot of complaints about it, but even after it kind of made me uneasy, I wasn't that bothered by it. When he sat down with his best friend and his girlfriend and told them that the only thing he thought they could do to get along was to all sleep together. Now that was just REALLY weird...it freaked me out. Then...Alyssa breaks down into tears and leaves Holden.

A year later, Holden appears at a comic book convention again. It seems his comic is continuing without him, only Banky was working on it then. He sees Alyssa and gives her a copy of his new comic "Chasing Amy". Now it's really not made apparent who 'got together' with who, if anyone did. I was rather confused, but that's just how life is sometimes...

Well since it IS a romance movie, you did have a lot of the sappy dialogue, but it still was pretty clever. Although perhaps the best thing about the film was the appearance of Jay & Silent Bob. Looking past the vulgarity, good performances by the actors, good directing, and clever lines make this a film worth seeing.

My Rating = Three Stars

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