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Bring It On


Mandy Heiser

Bring It On
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The head cheerleader graduates and leaves the team to one of her star cheerleaders (played by Kristen Dunst). While getting ready for a cheerleading competition, the new captain discovers that the last captain stole cheers from another team in a different school. Dismayed, she tries to get her team ready for the competition with a new routine.

Well I didn't expect much, I mean, it's the stupidest plot on earth. My friend and I rented it to make fun of it, and that's just what it was made for. I mean, they weren't trying to be serious making this movie, were they? People who make things like this should be locked up. Talk about shallow, every character was a dimwit, and it had THE stupidest dialogue I've ever heard. In once scene a guy comes in wearing a T-shirt with a picture of the Clash, and Kristen Dunst, in all her glory, says "Is that your band?" MY god! That's the WORST JOKE I'VE EVER HEARD! It isn't even worth laughing at it's stupidity! And to add to that, the stupid team didn't even WIN. My friend paid $3.25 to watch a team of bumbling airheads run around and act ditzy and they DIDN'T EVEN WIN! So for God's sake, unless your into self-mutilation don't see this. It's two hours of your life you'll never get back.

My Rating = One Stars

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