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Jeff Nelson

This one is long, but it holds your attention.

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Films are meant to grab ahold of the viewers' psyche and keep them enthralled for the running time. Not all movies can do this and some affect people differently, depending on the individual. Zodiac is one that captured me.

It is based on the true story of the Zodiac Killer. An infamous serial killer terrifies San Francisco Bay Area and messes with the police. Investigators search for this killer in a race against time before more meet their fate. The case becomes an intense obsession with four men as their lives crumble from their addiction. One of the things that really stand out to me is the fact that this film focuses on those men. Most detective films concentrate on the killer. Zodiac mostly focuses on the four men and the stress and stepping stones to find out who the killer is. The audience has to think a lot with the characters, since the killer isn't known by the audience. The script is well-written and really brings this movie to realistic terms.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., and Mark Ruffalo; is it possible for the cast to get any better? In this case, no it's not. All three of these men give stellar performances throughout. Jake Gyllenhaal gives a mesmerizing performance. This is one of Robert Downey Jr.'s best roles yet! Mark Ruffalo is a fantastic actor and it really shows in Zodiac. The acting is very memorable and won't soon be forgotten.

The sets and cinematography are stunning. Each set and scene portrays the real crimes perfectly. They are dark, gritty, and places where no one would want to go. The scenes in the sunlight are still ominous, which is a tough task to accomplish. The camera angles are brilliant as every possible angle is shown through this journey.

This sounds like the perfect movie, but every movie has its faults. There are times it drags. It's a long movie clocking in at almost three hours. Some scenes get repetitive as half of the movie is in police stations and newspaper offices. Zodiac is a creepy, entertaining film that keeps my attention from start to finish.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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