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Jeff Nelson

...a mind-blowingly fun film

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Ever since Night of the Living Dead zombies have been a popular subject. Soon, they became horror comedies in films like Shaun of the Dead. Obviously, some that are better than others. Iit's best not to judge them all from one of the bad ones.

The story is about 4 people who are still alive after a zombie outbreak. One is looking for his family, another is on the search for one of the last twinkies and the other two are sisters trying to get to a theme park to where they were at a lot as children. The world is in flames and they just want to survive. Zombieland has a story that focuses on survival, as most zombie movies do, but dwells on other topics throughout such as character pasts and what made them who they are. This concept has certainly been used before, but not in this context.

There is not a lot to say about the acting other than it is great. Each actor is able to give their character life. In most of these comedies with zombies, actors come off cheesy and annoying. In Zombieland, each actor seems realistic and relatable. This is an important element for a movie to have. The audience has to like the characters and they do a splendid job doing so.

The visuals in this movie can't be better. The way it was filmed, how it was set up, and the props themselves are all fantastic. It is a very creative film in every way and I was surprised to see how much thought was put into the filmmakers showing what it is like when world goes into chaos. The visuals category is excellent.

Zombieland is one of the most fun movies I have seen lately. It is hilarious and will make anybody laugh. Think of a mixture of Superbad and Dawn of the Dead, for that is what this movie is like. The characters are written extremely well and have a great deal of depth. This is something very surprising to see in just a fun zombie killing film. Zombieland is highly recommended and is a mind-blowingly fun film.

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My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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