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Jeff Nelson

YellowBrickRoad is recommended to those who are looking for a strong and tense movie.

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When people decide to see a movie, they usually just go into the newspaper or pick a mainstream film to see. There's nothing wrong with that, but a lot of society is missing out on a lot of great films that deserve to be supported. Screamfest is one of the few film festivals showing these types of movies.

A small team of explorers head into the New Hampshire wilderness to investigate an unexplained disappearance that happened around 70 years earlier. No one knows why the residents of Friar made a decision to leave their homes without money, clothes, or a word where they'd gone. The moment that I saw a trailer, this film already captured me. This film is fully dependent on its script and messing with the minds of the audience. The screenplay is effective in doing so. The script is original enough and has some great twists and turns. Don't expect a fast moving screenplay, for this is a movie that focuses heavily on creating characters we will hate or love.

As mentioned before, this film depends on its script and characters. The acting dramatically helps the film. It's tough to pick one actor who shined the most throughout since there isn't one bad actor to be named. Each one of them are believable and genuine. This cast really helps the viewer get attached to the characters before everything goes to hell. Cassidy Freeman, Anessa Ramsey, Michael Laurine, Alex Draper, Sam Elmore, Clark Freeman, Tara Giordano, Laura Heisler, and Lee Wilkof will capture and keep your eyes glued to the screen from beginning to end.

Everyone has seen so many films set in the woods that it has started to feel stale. YellowBrickRoad makes the woods creepy again. The location was chosen perfectly and the atmosphere is set up very well. It's hard to notice it, but there isn't a score of any kind to be found. All of the noise made is natural sound and builds suspense much better than the loud jump-out scare with the stinger. There are very few FX used, but the ones that are available look fantastic for a low budget flick. I'm happy to announce that this film isn't a handheld camera-esque film and is shot on steady cam.

When looking at the list of Screamfest, YellowBrickRoad simply stuck out in a good way. It caught my attention and the film definitely held my interest. This is an eerie flick that utilizes the woods and all surrounds well. The only complaint I have is that there are moments in the movie where it slows down a bit. It all pays off in the end and leaves the viewer with questions. These can be put up for discussion for hours after seeing the movie with different points of view. YellowBrickRoad is recommended to those who are looking for a strong and tense movie.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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