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Jeff Nelson

Wanted is the type of movie you can watch over and over...

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Within the past few years there have been a lot of super hero movies. Most of them are not good movies, but do entertain the audience and have spectacular effects. Wanted is not a super hero film, but is pretty close.

Wanted is about a man who has a boring life and is getting sick of it. He finds out that he has the ability to curve bullets and joins a team of assassins who have the same ability. The movie has a lot more character development than story, but the story that is shown is not that bad.

There are some well-known actors in this movie. Angelina Jolie plays one of the assassins, Morgan Freeman plays the boss of them, and James McAvoy plays the main character. James has not been in a lot that people really recognize him from. I was able to spot him from a horror film from 2001 called Swimming Pool. There is not one actor in this movie who did not give his or her character depth. There is always something new to learn about these interesting characters throughout the movie and each actor did a great job.

It should be obvious what the visuals were like. They were stunningly realistic. Each and every bullet looked great and nothing looked fake or cheesy. Just like every other big budget action film out there, this has some strong visual effects.

Overall, Wanted is an action film for older audiences. It has a lot of blood from bullet wounds, but otherwise there is not very much nudity or anything else like that. I do not usually watch movies more than once or twice, but Wanted is the type of movie you can watch over and over and never get bored with it. Wanted is recommended for a rental and most likely later a purchase.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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