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Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead


Jeff Nelson

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead
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Sometimes it's absolutely beyond me what studios are thinking to greenlight something that is garbage from the start. There are some films that look great on paper, but just don't translate quite right to the big screen. However, Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead doesn't even look passable on paper.

A group of friends heads for the woods, only to end up being eaten by a cannibalistic mutant known as Three Finger. Only one manages to survive, and is soon joined by a truckload of escaped convicts also fleeing from the freak. Honestly, this could have been something passable if given to Wrong Turn 2: Dead End's director, Joe Lynch. Unfortunately, it's created by a new director by the name of Declan O'Brien. The screenwriting is absolutely dreadful. If you thought that any of the writing in the past Wrong Turn films were bad, then this is definitely the all time low. The characters are so cliché that every move that is made is predictable. Each and every character is guaranteed to piss off any viewer. The pacing is atrocious. When even kill sequences are dull, then we've got a problem.

Needless to say, there's not even one actor or actress worth mentioning. None of them give past a poor performance. There isn't even one actor that feels convincing in his or her role. They all seem very unmotivated. A lot of the blame could be placed on the writing and the characters themselves, but the acting could have at least been passable, although that's not the case.

The highlight of the previous film in this trilogy is the incredible amounts of bloodshed and make-up. I understand that it's a tough act to follow with a small budget, but this flick has some absolutely awful FX. There's a lot of CGI used in the death scenes and they look like something that would come from someone's first attempt using the technology. I've seen plenty of films with CGI gore and violence and I'm not a fan of it. This movie takes bad CGI to a whole new level. The violence isn't even close to that of the first sequel and Three Finger's make-up has really gone downhill since the previous films.

The first two entries in this trilogy both brought something to the table. The first one offers a fun throwback to older horror flicks. The second is an absolute blast and remains entertaining after multiple views. Unfortunately, the third entry isn't fun and is a waste of time. Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead is trash that's not even worth a rental.Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead is trash that's not even worth a rental. Check out Wrong Turn and Wrong Turn 2: Dead End and forget this third flick ever existed.

My Rating = One Stars

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