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The Wrestler


Jeff Nelson

...an indiel film well worth seeing...

The Wrestler
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Wrestling has been on television since the dawn of the TV age and has happened throughout that time in film, but usually does't get much attention. This is the case because wrestling isn't mainstream. This is why it was made into an independent film.

Randy "The Ram" Robinson is a man who's getting older, but continues to do what he loves, which is wrestling. He tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter and tries to explore a new found relationship with an aging stripper. The story is engaging for the viewer. It never gives the audience time to let their guard down and be immune to the series of events being captured on film. This film can be emotionally tough to watch, at times. The writing is excellent and gives lines that will make you chuckle or feel bad for the characters.

Since Mickey Rourke was nominated for an oscar for this film, it's obvious he is terrific. Evan Rachel Wood gives an emotionally great performance as his daughter showing passion and real feelings. Marisa Tomei delivers her lines as the love interest very well. But, Mickey Rourke continues to be a star throughout. He never lets up and gives one of the best performances I've ever seen of him.

Given that this is an indie film, it's not a high budget movie. It's intentional to give the film an amateurish and gritty look. The dialogue and story are dark and the colors used reflect the emotion of isolation and loneliness. The visuals are great as it's edited with a lot of caution without any drawn out scenes.

The Wrestler may not be enjoyed by all, but it's still an amazing film. I have seen this film numerous times and have enjoyed it on all occasions. The largest fault of the film is the ending. It implies what's going to happen, but doesn't say or show it. This is a nice filmmaking technique, but it didn't work in this particular scene. The Wrestler is worth checking out for its outstanding performances and is an engrossing film on the whole.

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My Rating = Four Stars

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