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War of the Worlds (2005)


Jeff Nelson

War of the Worlds is a fun flick...

War of the Worlds (2005)
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There are some names in the film industry that will pull in cash no matter how good or bad a film is. Steven Spielberg is one of these names. He has made some absolutely incredible films in the past, but do his more recent films stand up with the rest?

A divorced dockworker children are staying with him for the weekend when a fleet of spaceships carrying tripod creatures appear in his neighborhood and force him to become the protective father he's never been. As most moviegoers know, War of the Worlds is a remake. This film keeps the same base for a plot that the original set up. However, there are a few twists and turns that differ from the classic. Just like any other screenplay, it has its ups and downs. The film does try to be different by focusing more on the characters given and less on the aliens themselves. Although, a lot of the dialogue is awkward and feels out of place.

Tom Cruise is the father and Dakota Fanning is one of his two children. These are the two best actors put on screen. Cruise gives a decent performance and shows vulnerability. Dakota Fanning isn't given the chance to shine as her character screams and cries throughout and doesn't bring anything to the table. She's a good actress, but this isn't her best work.

If Steven Spielberg knows about anything in filmmaking, it's FX. Each giant robot and alien looks real and none of the CGI takes away from the film. The scenes involving explosions and gunfire are fantastic and may not hold a torch to James Cameron's Avatar, but it certainly is a phenomenal film to look at.

For a big chunk of the beginning of the film, it's great. There's tension, mystery, and suspense that captures the viewer. Unfortunately, it loses its steam later on. All of the tension is gone once the aliens are fully shown in the basement. As the film continues, the dialogue gets worse. War of the Worlds is a fun flick that may not give the strongest screenplay, but does give viewers a reason to watch due to the FX and entertaining battle and chase scenes.

My Rating = Three Stars

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