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Jeff Nelson

WALL-E is a film the whole family will love.

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Most movies are straightforward. The movies don't hide much off-screen and want to tell the audience everything. WALL-E is a different type of film. WALL-E wants to be be more than what is shown to viewers. It succeeds on almost every level.

WALL-E is about a lonely robot, obviously named WALL-E. This special robot is programmed to clean up the planet earth so that the humans can return. WALL-E finds the only plant in the world. Robots sent by the humans have come looking for this plant, which is a sign that the humans can return to earth. WALL-E falls in love with one of these robots and must save the human race and find his true love. The story is pretty good. A perfect concept for a Pixar film. This is definitely a well-written film.

There is no live action. It is rntielyl animated. The voice acting is minimal. In fact, there is almost no dialogue at all throughout the film. The only words muttered are names, and occasionally a person talking. The voice acting that is used, is done smoothly.

Pixar has become the master of animated family films. This company has mastered how to use animation effectively. The CGI and computer design are flawless. The character designs of WALL-E are astounding. The rusted metal on him looks as if it is live action. The visuals are simply fantastic.

WALL-E is a great film. Pixar does a near perfect job giving life to this film. The main problems are pacing and dialogue. There are times where it is slow. There is almost no dialogue. So when nothing is happening on screen, nothing is happening. However, this movie has much more to it than what meets the eye. There are lessons on taking care of our planet and true love.WALL-E is a film the whole family will love.

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My Rating = Four Stars

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