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When in Rome


Jeff Nelson

When in Rome is a forgettable film that is an absolute mess.

When in Rome
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The entire story for romantic chick flicks and comedies is nearly always predictable. Although, sometimes they can give the viewer some hilarious dialogue and situations. They may not be entirely original, but can be a fun ride for what they are. When in Rome doesn't even entertain that idea.

Beth Harper takes coins from a water fountain in Italy and finds out that a love spell was cast over the men who placed those coins. However, she has found the love of her life through one of these men and needs to find out if he truly loves her or if it's just the spell. This story isn't anything special in any way. The dialogue is atrocious and barely passes for a comedy. The situations are cliché and there's nothing out of the box or new featured in any of the happenings of young Beth Harper.

The two stars are Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel. Kristen Bell received many fans after performing as Sarah Marshall in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. In fact, it's a shame that an uprising actress got this film and couldn't get another hit after Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She's a decent actress, but the material she has been given isn't worth her time. Josh Duhamel is in the same position as Kristen Bell and the rest of the cast becomes irritating throughout.

Since the entire film takes place in New York and Italy, it's expected to have some beautiful shots of the two places. The cinematography is suitable and there isn't anything to complain about regarding the sets.

It's no exaggeration that every joke in this film has been used countless times in romantic comedies throughout the past decade. There is only one scene that even will generate a smile. The entire rest of the film feels rather bland. The main two actors deserved to be attached to a much better film. When in Rome is a forgettable film that is an absolute mess.

My Rating = One Star

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