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Whip It


Jeff Nelson

Whip It is the type of film that viewers will be glad for having given it the chance it deserves.

Whip It
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For many years, Drew Barrymore has been a well-known actress. She's been in a rather large variety of movies. All the way from Scream to He's Just Not That Into You. Well, she has now made her directorial debut with the film Whip It.

Bliss joints an all-girl roller derby team in Austin and leads a double life as Babe Ruthless as she attempts to escape her smothering mother's beauty pageant plans for her. The story is out there and definitely is something that most chick flicks and dramas would never get near. The screenplay is decent and is predictable, but a great ride. The dialogue is witty, clever, and can be quite funny. The main characters are likable, however one of the character changes too quickly and almost becomes another character in the end of the film. Otherwise, the character development throughout is well paced and thought out.

Drew Barrymore directs this flick, but also gives a quality acting performance. She also was able to garner some terrific actors to work with. Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen Wiig, and Juliette Lewis are just a few names to mention. Ellen Page is absolutely fantastic, as always. Page gets into her roles very well and it comes off as natural. Marcia Gay Harden is phenomenal, as well. She plays the stern mother of Ellen Page and is a great actress. All of the actors work well together and it's quite apparent on screen.

The roller derby scenes get violent and tense. The camera work is excellent and all stunts are performed by each of the actors and no stunt doubles are used. There's a scene underwater where Ellen Page and her boyfriend have a heavy make out scene and strip themselves. This is easily the most beautiful shot of the film as it's very artistic. The use of colors, motions by the actors, and the light filter is absolutely stunning.

This film didn't get the attention it truly deserved. It went through theaters and then hit DVD and Blu-Ray without much word of mouth. Even if these type of films aren't your style, it's definitely worth checking out. It offers tons of witty dialogue, as well as some highly entertaining roller derbies. This is another film to add to the list of Ellen Page's exciting films. Drew Barrymore's directorial debut is a winner. Whip It is the type of film that viewers will be glad for having given it the chance it deserves.

My Rating = Four Stars

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