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The Wolfman (2010)


Jeff Nelson

The Wolfman itself as a film, is rather disappointing.

The Wolfman
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It's been rumored, hyped and pushed back numerous times, but The Wolfman has finally been released in theaters. Movies that require many reshoots, reedits, and changing dates will make any audience worried about the final result.

An American man returns to his ancestral homeland and is bitten and cursed by a werewolf. The original Wolfman has an identical story with only a few twists on it. It's disappointing that the script is mediocre. Most of the dialogue is cheesy and sounds a bit strange throughout. The twists added to "modernize" this original monster flick, didn't quite work as planned.

Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving. That's a strong cast that didn't deliver. Benicio Del Toro seemed to be the only one taking his role seriously. Even Anthony Hopkins and the rest of the cast don't seem dedicated in the least bit. Anthony Hopkins is a terrific actor and it's a shame to see such an odd performance from him.

One of the reasons this movie has been pushed back is visuals. This would lead one to believe that the visuals would be extremely well done. There is a lot of CGI used in the transformation and such. A couple of the transformation scenes look terrific, but some of them look almost distorted. However, it's a tremendous idea to make him an actual wolfman and not a werewolf. This truly threw me back the original and the look works. It's interesting to see the wolfman run from two feet to all fours and continue switching back and forth to furthermore prove he's not a full werewolf, but a wolfman.

So far, I have mainly mentioned only negative things about the film. There are few ups compared to how many downs there are. The chase scenes and night scenes with the wolf are magnificent and thrilling. These are placed far apart in the film with boring dialogue and uninteresting scenes filling the gaps. If there were more to-the-point scenes, it would've been a better movie all around. The fact that the entire movie feels like it's been reshot and the editing is choppy is very tragic. I'd recommend the night scenes with the wolf, but The Wolfman itself as a film, is rather disappointing.

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My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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