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Wild Things


Jeff Nelson

Wild Things is sure to get a variety of different opinions, but I enjoyed it and recommend it.

Wild Things
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Those who have heard about the film Wild Things know it for the famous lesbian scene between Neve Campbell and Denise Richards in a swimming pool. However, there is definitely more to the film than what meets the eye. The film has more to offer than just sleazy sequences, but is it enough to be worthwhile?

When guidance counselor Sam Lombardo rejects the advances of teen-socialite Kelly Van Ryan, she accuses him of rape. Sam is suspended by the school. rejected by the country club, and fighting to get his life back. The most intriguing aspect of the screenplay is how the film changes multiple times. These shifts are smooth and keeps the story quite interesting. The audience is eventually left guessing who is sincere and who will double cross who. The dialogue is suitable and the we are left wondering what characters to root for. Even though there is a constant web of twists and turns, the entire script is organized. This could have turned into a complete mess, but these filmmakers have created a motion picture that keeps the attention of the viewer from start to finish.

Wild Things is a mixed bag of performances. Matt Dillon is good as Sam Lombardo and certainly delivers the essence of the character. The film is primary known for starring Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. Both of these actresses feel convincing in the roles. Kevin Bacon delivers an acceptable performance. Bill Murray has a smaller role in the movie, but audiences are sure to enjoy the character. Even though some actors shine brighter than others, there aren't any awful performances.

I originally viewed Wild Things without knowing what it was about. The only element I knew about the film was the pool scene between Neve Campbell and Denise Richards as it has been referenced in different sections of media. While it definitely isn't a masterpiece, this movie is enjoyable. The shifts that occur throughout are executed well. A few of the twists and turns may be predictable for some, but others are bound to catch you by surprise. Wild Things is sure to get a variety of different opinions, but I enjoyed it and recommend it.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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