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V For Vendetta


Jeff Nelson

V For Vendetta shows everything that's wrong with government in Britain.

V For Vendetta
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Movies aren't always used just for entertainment, but to show what's wrong with society. It's not often a film will tell and show audiences what's going on in the world, of which people may be completely unaware. V For Vendetta shows everything that's wrong with government in Britain.

"V", a masked freedom fighter, is fighting against the government in a futuristic Britain. Finding an unlikely ally in a young woman named Evey Hammond, V urges the citizens to fight the oppression of the state. The idea for the film is ballsy and makes the government eat their words. It's a smart screenplay with a lot of interesting dialogue.

The main stars are Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman. Both put on great performances, but Natalie Portman puts on the star act of the film. She completes her character and is hard to tell the difference between Natalie Portman and Evey Hammond. Portman gives a tremendous and powerful woman's role that is to be remembered.

For a majority of the film, audiences will be too wrapped in the story to comment on visuals. However, there are a couple scenes that stand out as beautiful scenery. There is a domino effect where they all form a V and is filmed to perfection. The editing is done extremely well and flows very nicely throughout the movie.

While there are movies that are just entertainment, there are also films that are entertaining and thought-provoking. There are a few pacing problems somewhere in between, but still it is never boring. V For Vendetta is a terrific film and highly recommended for all viewers.

My Rating = Four Stars

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