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Vicky Cristina Barcelona


Jeff Nelson

... is only worth a DVD rental.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
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Only a very few of the Oscar winning movies were advertised when they were in theaters. This one was very low key and barely anybody knew about it. I got a DVD screener in the mail and decided to put it in, and had a lot of mixed thoughts.

The story is fairly interesting. If you like a complicated love story, than this one is for you. It goes at just the right pace for everybody to understand, but sometimes it gets old. The movie keeps dwelling on stuff that has already been said and done earlier in the film.

The best thing about this film was the acting. I was blown out of the water by the acting and the characters. PenÚlope Cruz (Maria Elena) and Scarlett Johansson (Cristina) have the two strongest roles in this film. They play very believable characters and you can imagine yourself half Cristina and half Maria. Out of everything in this movie, the acting is what stands out. PenÚlope Cruz is very good in this as she won the Oscar for "Supporting Actress".

The visuals were also incredible. It was a very nice film to look at. The camera angles were well thought out and it it was clear that they worked hard in the editing room. The backgrounds and scenes were beautiful. Showing Barcelona had to be one of the favorite settings I have seen. The whole movie is beautiful and even if the film gets boring, the visuals are always there.

Overall, I thought it had both ups and downs. The story could have been worked out more than as just a love triangle that keeps going on and off, but the acting and visuals were great. I recommend this to anybody who likes love stories. This movie was alright, but I still expected a bit more. I read all the best reviews, but it did not pass with flying colors. As some critics say, Vicky Cristina Barcelona is only worth a DVD rental.

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My Rating = Three Stars

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